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Signature Examinations

Do you think your signature has been forged?

We undertake signature examinations on a wide variety of documents. Those most commonly seen are Wills, Personal Guarantees, Loan Agreements, Mortgage documents and Land Registry documents.

We conduct signature examinations to see if signatures are genuine or forged. Methods used to forge signatures include free hand drawing, tracing or “cut and paste” methods.

It is important to get specimens from around the same time as the signature(s) in question. This is especially important when dealing with the examination of signatures from young or elderly people whose signatures can vary considerably over time. Suitable sources of specimens could be passport/driving licence, bank/store cards, invoices, receipts, agreements or work documents.

Signature specimens should be written as part of everyday life and be from the same time as the disputed signatures. It is also helpful to have should be originals.

We would always prefer to examine the originals of any disputed documents. However, although we can work from good quality copies although this may affect the strength of evidence that we can reach.

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