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Frequently asked questions

We will undertake work for Prosecution Agencies, solicitors working in criminal defence, Civil cases, Family cases, Companies, Local Authorities and members of the public. We are experienced in providing LAA quotes and in providing compliant reports for criminal, civil or family courts. We will also attend court – between us we have attended everything from disciplinary hearings, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, Royal Courts of Justice and international courts.

We appreciate that it is not always possible to obtain original documents or they may have been destroyed. If the originals exist it is always better to examine them and we can provide undertakings for their safety while in our possession. If only a copy exists then it is best to have the best copy available and not one that is a multi generation copy.

We believe that it is essential that the expert has undergone a comprehensive two year training programme at an established forensic laboratory. We do not believe that handwriting and signature examination can be studied by correspondence or distance learning courses, self-taught or via training by another self taught expert.

Have you checked the qualifications listed by the expert – some only require payment of an annual fee.

Does the expert have access to suitable document examination equipment such as a stereo microscope as well as more specialised equipment for the examination of indented impressions of writing and for the comparison of inks and examination of security documents? Even in cases involving a signature examination these techniques can sometimes provide additional useful evidence.

Does the expert carry out all aspects of document examination including the comparison of handwriting, signatures, inks , printing methods and the examination of documents for alterations, indented impressions of writing and security features

Will the work be peer-reviewed before the final result is released? All our findings are checked by another expert to ensure their reliability.

Will the expert be willing to attend court to provide evidence and under go cross-examination, if necessary.

Ideally specimens should be written as part of everyday life, pre and post date the writing in dispute and at least some should be originals. Suitable sources could be letters, diaries, address books and work/college notebooks.

If course of business writing is not available then request samples can be taken – these should be dictated from the writing in dispute – either a number of times if the writing is short or a number of different paragraphs for longer pieces of writing.

We need a covering letter agreeing our terms and conditions, giving a brief explanation of what is required and detailing what has been submitted and its status (known or questioned). If all the material is in copy form then it can be submitted by email. If original documents are being sent we would recommend using Royal Mail special delivery post.

We are available to answer phone enquiries between 9am to 5pm on weekdays.  Outside of these times please feel free to email us with your enquiry.  We endeavour to respond to most enquiries within 24 hours.

I have been updated that none of the facts were proved against our member in relation to the allegations raised about the reference. Great news and thank you again for your assistance in this matter

Legal Officer, Sunderland

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