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What to do if you think a signature has been forged

forged signature

Firstly and foremostly, we advise you to go to the police.

Always remember – fraud is a crime. If you suspect a forgery, contact the police and make a report as soon as possible.

Hire a handwriting expert to prove someone forged your signature

If you think a document, such as a will, personal guarantee or tenancy agreement, has used a forged signature, it’s usually necessary to hire a handwriting expert to determine whether the signature is genuine. They will then examine past signatures from the person in question and determine whether the signature is forged or not. This document is invaluable in court and can determine whether the signature is deemed genuine or not.

At Cosslett and Barr, we look at a number of things to determine whether a signature has been forged. One of these is the momentum of the pen. The deliberate strokes used to forge a signature differ from a natural signature. There may be abrupt starts and stops or unexpected pen lifts. 

Tremors are another indicator that a signature may not be genuine. When someone has repeatedly signed something, they are confident in their writing which creates a fluid look. However, if a signature is being forged, the person holding the pen is usually cautious, creating a wobbly and unnatural look.

Get in touch with our experts

Overall, a forged signature can have dire consequences. Knowing how to tell if someone has forged a signature isn’t always easy. When you realise it might have happened, you need to act fast to minimise damage. If you suspect someone has forged a signature, get in touch today on 0121 781 7216 to find out more or for a no obligation chat about our signature examinations. 

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