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What’s the difference between graphology and forensic handwriting analysis?

difference between graphology and forensic handwriting analysis

If you require the services of a handwriting expert, you might have searched for a graphologist. However, there is a considerable difference between the practice of graphology and that of forensic handwriting analysis, so to make sure you find the right expert to meet your needs we have presented some helpful information below.

What is graphology?

Graphology claims to distinguish personality and characteristic traits from the style of a person’s handwriting.  Graphologists believe that our personalities shape the way that we write and that every individual has a handwriting style all of their own.  It is believed that the way in which an individual’s handwriting deviates from the style they were taught in school, enables graphologists to determine their character, personality and capabilities.  To date there are no scientific studies that back up these beliefs.

What is forensic handwriting analysis?

Unlike graphology, forensic handwriting analysis is a forensic science that uses scientific methods and processes to determine the authenticity or authorship of a written document or signature.  Using detailed and thorough examinations of the document in question and many other sample specimens of the individuals’ handwriting, a forensic handwriting expert can determine whether a signature has been forged or whether a malicious letter has been penned by the person you suspect.

Forensic handwriting analysis involves the in-depth examination of handwriting including the sequence of strokes, fluency of writing, size and slope of lettering and number of pen lifts to help establish authorship or signatureship of a document.  The analysis involves the comparison of the document in question with an array of specimens such as papers, diary entries or letters which have been written by the individual at around the same time, to help determine authenticity.

A number of graphologists also offer forensic handwriting services but their training in this field, where it exists, is often by correspondence course.  By contrast Steve and Kate both completed a two year training programme at an established forensic laboratory.

If you need the services of a forensic handwriting expert then please contact us on 0121 781 7216. We work with individuals, companies and local authorities as well as solicitors working in criminal, civil and family cases, to provide our expertise in all elements of document examination.

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